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How hard is it to get approved for a home loan?

Not as hard as many people think, but you do have to take steps to get prepared for it. The process of getting approved for mortgage can take about 45 days from start to finish. You’ll need to supply your lender with bank statements, W-2 forms, employment information, credit reports, tax returns, and any other financial and/or legal documents they request. When thinking about buying a home, it’s best to start by consulting a realtor to find out how much home and what the projected pricing may be. Then ask your realtor to provide you with a few names of lenders whom you can contact for prequalification. It’s important to find a lender who offers a multitude of home financing options in order to put the best loan together that meets your needs. Not all lenders offer the same financing, so don’t think you can’t get a loan if you have only asked one lender. You are going to want a lender who is knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to your needs. A savvy realtor knows who these preferred lenders are. Need more information? Call or email Cheryl.

Should I hire the real estate company or the real estate agent to sell my home?

By all means, hire the real estate agent. They are the person doing the work to sell your home, not the company. The agent is responsible for marketing, negotiating, and closing your real estate transaction and that is who you will most generally work with. Be sure to get an agent who will personally return your phone calls and answer your questions. You’re not paying a commission to be passed off to assistants and secretaries who can’t really answer your questions and most certainly cannot represent your interests. Your agent should be very experienced and knowledgeable, understand your needs, communicate well, stay on top of changing real estate issues and technology, possess a solid marketing plan to sell your home for top dollar, and most importantly be dedicated to you.  Need more information? Call or email Cheryl.

Can a buyer just change their mind at any point and get out of a real estate contract?

No. A contract is a contract, it is an agreement between the parties . . . a seller and a buyer. However, there are many clauses in the contract to buy a home that allow the buyer the opportunity to terminate the contract should issues arise that are not resolved to the buyer’s satisfaction. That said though, there are many deadline dates that both the buyer and the seller must adhere to in the contract otherwise the contract moves forward. It is best for a buyer and a seller to let a real estate professional negotiate and issues that come up during the course of the real estate transaction. However, you as the buyer or the seller should be fully aware of what issues do and possibly can surface during the transaction, and you need to be aware of the deadline dates in the contract.  Need more information? Call or email Cheryl.

Should I get a home inspection if I am buying a new home?

No question about it . . . YES!  Home inspections for new homes are done a bit differently than a home inspection for an existing home. Often with a new home you will want the home inspector to inspect at different intervals of the construction of the home which typically includes a foundation inspection, the framing inspection, and the final inspection which includes the mechanical operation of plumbing, electric, HVAC, etc. While the builder must get these items signed off by the building department, it is still in your best interest to have a professional 3rd party review the construction of your new home.  Need more information? Call or email Cheryl.

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